Reconnective Healing and Testimonials

We already know that testimonials are pointless, but for those that need a reminder, here’s a report on Reconnective Healing that will amaze any logical, scientific person. If you aren’t familiar with Reconnective Healing it’s essentially what faith healers use… waiving their hands over you and saying that they are going to heal you without actually making any kind of physical contact.

How does this play in with MLM? Anyone with any kind of medical knowledge realizes that this is up there with spoon bending via telekinesis… it is little more than a magic trick at best, not well-grounded science.

So when you read there are testimonials of people saying that Xowii, Xango, MonaVie, Zrii, Protandim, Jusuru or any other MLM miracle “cure” of many, many things, that non-MLM juice doesn’t cure, keep in mind that until you see proven clinical trials for the product, it should be considered the same kind of magic trick.

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  1. Inez Ibanera says:

    I agree, The Reconnection is so expensive because it uses the technique of Multi-Level Marketing, or pyramid scheme. Practitioners have to recruit new patients all the time, since they can give only 3 healings to each. Some clients of each practitioner will go to the next seminar – adding up to several hundred people. They earn loads of money through this. But the practitioners who come later will never be able to recruit enough clients to retrieve their investments. Typical of pyramid schemes. A lot of time on the seminars is spent on how to market your practice. What actually is taught about the Reconnection can be said in 10 minutes. You can never get a proof of what happened to the client, there is no follow up, no testimonials, practitioners are told not to go after them in order “not to remind them of their illness”. Also Eric uses volunteer assistants who work themselves dog tired on each seminar without being payed a penny, and he treats them disrespectfully. The wild thing is that the energy is very tangible, “something is there”. All the more scary!

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